Conferentie Papers

“Towards a Theology of Vulnerability as Analyzing and Critiquing Strategies of Ignorance and Invulnerability”. Edward Schillebeecxk Centenary Conference: Grace, Governance and Globalization: Theology and Public Life. 27-30 August 2014.

“Rethinking Vocation and Mission in World Christianity: From Territory to Community”. NIME, European Missiological Conference: Mission and Money: Missions in the Context of Global Inequalities. 3-6 April 2014. Conference Paper. Conference Presentation.

“Challenging Territorial Essentialism in World Christianity”
New Horizons of Resistance and Visions. International Conference of the European Society for Women in  Theological Research.  Dresden 2013. Link to Prezi presentation.

“Violence, hatred and marginalization: incorporating the perspective of persecution in missiology”
Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism. Åkersberg, Sweden, 2011. Full text.

Academische lidmaatschappen

European Society of Women in Theological Research, Dutch division.

NOSTER, Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion

IAMS, International Assoication of Mission Studies


Editor TussenRuimte, Tijdschrift voor Interculturele Theologie. [Journal for Intercultural Theology] (2011-2016)

Editor for the chronicle section (conference reports), Tijdschrift voor Theologie [Journal of Theology] (2014-2016)

Editor for gOdschrift, online theological essays on Christianity and culture (2013-2015)


Presentatie: “Recovering Contrast Experiences through Vulnerability to Combat Racism.” Mini-symposium Racism and Migration, PThU Amsterdam, 17 mei 2016. Full text.

Presentatie: “Nieuwe vormen van zending in een postkoloniale context: Op welke manieren kunnen we zending bedrijven in onze veranderende wereldcontext?” Studiedag Gereformeerde Zendingsbond, 19 augustus 2015.

Lezing: “zending en aanbidding onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden”. Ichthus Amsterdam, 28 oktober 2014.

Gastcollege: “Zending, wereldchristendom en postkolonialisme”, als onderdeel van een cursus missiologische reflectie voor personeel van Kerk in Actie, 7 oktober 2014.

Gastcollege: “Trends in Missiologie”, Postacademisch onderwijs voor dominees in de PKN, 29 september 2014.

Guest lecture “Augustine in his African Context”, PThU Summer School, 25 June 2014. Link to Prezi presentation.

Guest lecture for personnel of Kerk in Actie, GZB, HHK themed “Mission, World Christianity and Postcolonialism”. 17 October 2013. Link to Prezi presentation.


Research design and research findings. Graduate School in combination with PThU Conference “God in the Public Domain”. 19 May 2014. Response by Darrell Guder (emeritus professor Princeton Theological Seminary).

 “Kenosis and the Western Missionary”. Advanced Research Presentation, NOSTER General Education Days. 24 March 2014. Response by Jan Jongeneel (emeritus professor Utrecht University).

“Missiology in World Christianity.” 16 January 2014. Master class with response by Kirsteen Kim (then Leeds Trinity University, now Fuller Theological Seminary).

 “On the Streets of the Postcolony”. 11 December 2013. Master Class with response by Robert Schreiter (Catholic Theological Union).

“Missiology, Margins, and Crossing Borders: Appropriating a Popular Discourse”. 12 December 2012. Master Class with response by David Brown (University of St. Andrews).

Appropriation of the theology of Namsoon Kang. 4 November 2011. Master Class with response by Graham Ward (University of Oxford).


Participation in listeners group with Kirsteen Kim, Cathy Ross, Steve Bevans and Jesse Mugambi, which produced a closing report on the conference. NIME, European Missiological Conference: Mission and Money: Missions in the Context of Global Inequalities. 3-6 April 2014.

Co-organization of Master Class of the Systematic Seminar of NOSTER, featuring prof. Kirsteen Kim as a lecturer and respondent to presentations of PhD Students. 15-16 January 2014.

Part of Panel Discussion on Mission on the Dutch World Radio Broadcast [Radio Nederland Wereldomroep], 21 May 2011.